2GT: what it is and what it is for

The 2GT is the native token of 2gether with which you can enjoy benefits and exclusive advantages on the platform.

You can purchase the 2GT in exchange for euros or funds from the BTC and ETH wallets through the 2gether app. 2gether also rewards you with the 2GT if you add value to the platform by inviting, for example, friends to join through the referral program, among others.

All users who own 2GT tokens will be able to participate in queries related to the decision making process regarding Design, Product, Priorities, etc. On top of that, when accumulating at least 200 2GT tokens (with a value of €10), 2gether users automatically acquire the Founder level, which enables them to request their own 2gether Visa card for free and trade cryptocurrency without added fees.

Beyond the basic Founder level, higher levels are available based on the accumulation of 2GT tokens that guarantee users more substantial advantages:

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