How do I make a profit from staking?

Staking on your own requires running a node on your own computer, synchronising it with the blockchain and putting enough cryptocurrencies into the node to reach the minimum threshold, including providing a substantial income and network security.

2gether’s mission is to select and bring the best of the decentralised economy to your mobile. We have thus selected the most profitable and secure staking products on the market and integrated them into the app.

We have integrated the staking of major cryptocurrencies with Kraken, one of the most secure and popular exchanges, offering the highest market reward rates on the most popular cryptocurrencies. Learn more.

We have integrated Euro Neutrino staking with Waves, one of the most innovative products on the market. Waves is one of the cryptocurrencies with the best reputation and track record in the market. The Waves platform has allowed us to fully integrate their product in 2gether.

Learn more.

Please refer to the legal terms and conditions for full details and risks of staking products.

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