What are the differences between investment accounts and wallets?

At 2gether you have two ways you can manage your crypto: investment accounts and wallets.

On the one hand, the investment accounts are accounts created in the 2gether system. As they are connected to Kraken (one of the most well-known crypto exchanges in the world), you can use them to buy, sell and send cryptocurrencies. They are the easiest and fastest way to trade crypto in 2gether. However, as they are not connected to the blockchain itself, they are not considered as standard crypto wallets and therefore, do not have keys, neither public nor private.

On the other hand, the 2gether wallets are connected to the blockchain. Each wallet has a public key that you can check on the 2gether app, and 2gether makes sure to safeguard the private keys. From the 2gether wallets, you will be able to send cryptocurrency to your contacts and external addresses.

  • You can only buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the investment accounts.
  • You can send cryptocurrencies from investment accounts to wallets (currently only possible with BTC and ETH), but not from wallets to accounts.
  • The investment accounts work without added fees, but the crypto wallets always include a network cost.
  • You can link your 2gether Visa card to both to spend euros and cryptos, but you can only withdraw cash from ATMs by linking your 2gether Visa card to your Euro account or your crypto investment accounts, not to your wallets.

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