How to get the details of a crypto transfer?

If you have made a crypto transfer from 2gether to an external address and are interested in its details, follow these steps:


  1. Access your 2gether account and go to the crypto account or wallet you chose to send your funds from.
  2. Look for the transaction you are interested in and click on it to obtain the details.
  3. On the screen you will see the following information: the origin and destination of the funds, the reference of the transaction, the exchange rate applied, the associated transaction, the date of the operation’s execution and the category of the transaction.


By clicking on the reference of the transaction, the 2gether app will take you to (for ETH) or to (for BTC) so that you can check all the details of the transactions, such as the hash of the operation.

By clicking on the associated transaction, you will be able to check the network cost – added because of the use of the blockchain provider’s service – that has been added to your transaction.

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