I want to unsubscribe

For you to be able to unsubscribe, make sure you have withdrawn all your funds and you have sent your 2GT to an ETH account to receive your 2GT tokens once they are issued.

Then please follow these steps:


  1. Access the Personal Area of ​​the 2gether app.
  2. Click on the “Personal data” section and click on the “Delete account” option highlighted in red.


If you cannot withdraw your funds or you do not wish to keep your 2GT tokens, you can request help via email at

Once you have deleted your account, 2gether will keep your data in the internal database for the next 10 years, in accordance with European regulations. During that time, your data will not be used and will be blocked, secured and inaccessible to third parties, after which it will be permanently deleted. Here you can find more information about the rights you have over your personal data.

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