Can I withdraw cash with my 2gether card?

You can withdraw cash from ATMs with your 2gether card, physical or virtual, as long as you have selected an account with sufficient funds.


  1. When withdrawing cash from ATMs in countries outside the Euro zone, a currency exchange fee will be applied (1.15% in European countries that do not use the Euro and 1.50% in the rest of the world).
  2. The withdrawal of 2GT tokens is not available at the moment, so you will not be able to withdraw them via the 2gether card either.


2gether does not charge any fees for withdrawing money from ATMs, however, depending on the bank, additional fees may apply.

If you have a virtual card, you will only be able to withdraw money if:

  • The card is switched on and added to your device’s wallet.
  • The ATM where you want to withdraw money has a contactless reading option.

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